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100 Sq. Ft. Apartment in Harlem: $1250 Per Month

"Daily News reporter Simone Weichselbaum explores the smallest apartment in New York City at 14 Convent Ave.
   In jail, captives get an eight-foot-wide space plus three meals a day as they pay their debt to society.
But in one Harlem building, the captives in a 100-square-foot apartment pay $1,275 a month — and there is no free grub.…"
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From Rick Gordon

By The Rivers of Babylon -- The Melodians

Rivers of Babylon by The Melodians on Grooveshark

Bloomberg's Micro Apartments in NYC

"The Daily News' Matt Chaban lives with his wife in one of the Bloomberg administration's 325-square-foot mini-apartments…

"'My wife and I are intimate again — thanks to the Bloomberg administration’s latest housing initiative.
   That’s not kissing and telling: The missus and I got a chance to spend a night inside one of the city’s new “Mike-ros,” a 325-square-foot studio apartment that the mayor thinks is the future for young urban couples.…'"
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Skateboarding the Mountain This Morning

It used to be a rite of passage for serious teenage skaters in my small town to skate a local mountain road on full moon nights. It's a 1-1/2-mile pretty steep (in some sections) curving downhill road that is closed off to cars at night. It's way too fast for me on a normal board, but I can negotiate much of it on a Carveboard, which has pneumatic wheels, and can carve very steep turns.
   I got up at 5AM, drove to the mountain, parked and towed my Carveboard up on a rope (like dog on leash). Unfortunately, I had let too much air out of the tires, and couldn't get a rhythm going, except for a stretch at the end.
   BUT -- I got to see the full moon going down over the ocean in platinum brilliance, while the sunrise lit up the east in an orange glow -- ain't complainin. Got back to town and skated downtown, which has just been paved. No people, no cars. Bombed a hill 3 times, with no worries about running into humans or vehicles. FUN!

Buddy Guy - Mustang Sally

Mustang Sally by Buddy Guy on Grooveshark

Life Size Driftwood Horse Sculptures by Heather Jansch


Almost-Full Moon On Water Last Night

Lights of San Francisco in background

Unexpected Beauty From the Garden Last Night

Chard seen through reflected light from setting sun. Ruby red!

Treehouse by SunRay Kelley in Portland

From Chris McClellan:
 "…the treehouse SunRay built in Portland in a 300 year old fir tree in the middle of a suburb. When one of the neighbors complained and brought out the building inspector he apparently fell in love with it because he told them to take the stairs down and put up a ladder so it wouldn't be a deck because he had no authority over treehouses that weren't decks with stairs."
Chris' website: http://www.industrialrustic.com/nb/

Israel Proulx - Rock & Roll À La Français

"ISRAEL PROULX Origin: Quebec, Canada. Raised in Chicoutimi, Israel grew up with a singer-songwriter father and a harmonica-playing grandfather, and influenced by Western singer Marcel Martel. When he was five, his grandmother gave him an Elvis Presley record, and he listened to Jailhouse Rock for hours on end. Proulx took up the piano, learning to play the boogie woogie.…" http://www.montrealjazzfest.com/artists/artist.aspx?id=7521
Another song: https://myspace.com/israelproulx/music/songs

Tiny House (229 Sq. Ft.) Sells For $165,000 in Toronto

"That almost impossibly tiny house in Toronto…has found a buyer after just three weeks on the market, though it sold for well below asking price.
   The property at 30 Hanson St. on the east side of Toronto’s inner city got a lot of publicity on real estate sites and blogs as an example of just how tight the city’s housing market has become.
   So tight, in fact, that a house the size of a typical backyard tool shed went on the market for $229,000, enough money to buy a large suburban home in some Canadian cities.
   But it sold this week for $165,000, the National Post reports, a good 28 per cent below asking price.…"
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Homemade Microcamper

"If you want to travel through a country on a budget and still sleep in a dry place while it rains, a small camper is perfect. However, I wanted to have a fuel efficient car that could be used as well on a daily basis. I decided to go for a used white Renault Kangoo 1.5dci mini van. It's highly fuel efficient (5.2l/100km - 45.2mpg / effective range around 1000km - 621 miles), pleasant to drive and if you take the seats out it is an astonishingly big transporter for sport or daily use.
   I planned everything to be modular:
While camping you take the back seats out and are left with two seats and a camping mobile.
You can leave the back seats in the car and install the kitchen box and you have your kitchen with you if you want to go climbing with your friends.
Or you take both boxes out and your car is a normal mini van again.
The main goal was to build a small camper that is very fast and easy to put into a sleeping position."
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From Anonymous