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Quonset Home in British Columbia

"Was curious if any have used metal quonset buildings as residences.. Here's one in the Canadian Kootenays ( BC )…Flickr link for current photos…looks great..…

Mike W"

Cool Tools Sensational!

It's big, like the Whole Earth Catalog and Shelter (11" x 14"). That's just one of the brilliant things about this book, an analog-if-you-will version of Kevin Kelly's 10-year-old CoolTools website/blog. Cool. Tools.
   What's great about the website is getting weekly WEC-type perceptive reviews; it's embarrassing how many things I got from reading CT. A wrench, a light, a bunch of books, foldable reading glasses…It's pretty much my favorite place to visit online.
   But  having it all together (472 pages!) in color, big like this -- I'm happy as a pig in mud thumbing through it, opening to random pages, skipping back and forth, savoring the bookness. This kicks the ass of any possible electronic versions. Put down the iPads, Kindles, and smart phones, folks, and get a  Real Book!
   It's got a ton of useful, inspiring, wonderful tools;  the reviews are hip, tight, and informed.
   Disclaimer: a) Kevin is a friend, b) I've talked to him about this project on and off for years, and c) I wrote a bunch of reviews that ended up in the book.
   I need to digest it a bit before writing a review, but just wanted to tell you to get it. Trust me. It's a major cultural accomplishment.
Note: The 1st printing is sold out (in advance orders by booksellers). I'm guessing it'll hit bookstores around Thanksgiving.

Tuesday Night Moonrise After Storm, SF lights

Ah, the limitations of digital presentation.
Moonlight on water sparkling quicksilver.
I'm gonna print out these 4 pics and make a 3' long panorama.

Hmm -- might we be going into an appreciate-the-analog phase about now?
Lyrics to song here.
Shot with Sony Cybershot DSC RX100

Analog Man by Joe Walsh -- Yeah!

Analog Man by Joe Walsh on Grooveshark

Tiny Home/Huge Garden in Australia

"They say a man's home is his castle, but in this case the garden is John Kaplin's crowning glory. Mr. Kaplin's two-bedroom home at 23 Marville Ave, Kingsford, sits on only a fraction of the 950 sqm of grounds, with a giant fruit orchard occupying most of the space. 'I'm only one man, I don't need much space,' Mr Kaplin said.
   The garden is not just a sight to behold. It is also practical, with everything able to be eaten. With everything from fruit to spice trees, the garden has been a labour of love for Mr Kaplin, who moved into the home in 1997.
   He is now a popular ­neighbour and friend, handing out the goods from about 150 trees.…"
Click here.

California Man - Cheap Trick

California Man by Cheap Trick on Grooveshark

Micro-community of tiny homes flourishes on rehabilitated vacant lot

"Turning an under-used, derelict urban lot into a tiny house community
…Hoping to demonstrate the possibilities of the tiny house lifestyle, especially on under-used urban lots, a small collective of tiny home owners joined forces in 2012 to form Boneyard Studios, a micro-village of tiny homes located on a rehabilitated vacant lot in the Washington DC area. Check out the visual tour of this remarkable tiny community."
On Treehugger (a great website) here.

Gorgeous, Stunning Book by Jimmy Nelson -- "Before They Pass Away"

This book just floored me. What photos! What a photographer!  I ordered a copy, and it ain't cheap. I not only want the book, but want to support Jimmy Nelson. (Recommended by Rick Gordon.)

"Before They Pass Away is a powerful documentary series by photographer Jimmy Nelson featuring dozens of cultures around the world whose people live in seclusion and are at risk of fading away. Traveling across five continents, the English photographer manages to embrace the various cultures he has encountered and highlights each of the 35 tribes' unique beauty.

Surfer on a Bike

At Mollusk Surf Shop in San Francisco

1935 Avions Voisin C25 Aérodyne

"…The 1934 Paris show was a showcase for other groundbreaking French offerings, including the Citroën Traction Avant and the Renault Aeroprofil.
   Voisin was known for his exotic creations, but the C25 Aérodyne was the topper; it suggested the limitless artistic possibilities of automotive design, even though the extreme costs associated with bringing it to life probably helped to doom the company.
   By 1934, the handwriting was really already on the wall for Voisin’s somewhat quixotic dream of designing the world’s most perfect automobile. Chronically underfinanced — a condition worsened by the Depression — Gabriel Voisin had already let go many of his top people. He was unable to upgrade his smoky 6-cylinder sleeve-valve engines.
   But there was no scrimping on the design.Voisin’s cars employed construction methods, and lightweight materials like aluminum and magnesium, developed for use in aviation. The company used airplane-style fender struts to reduce body flex, aerodynamic wheel covers and a fastback profile with an integrated trunk.
Evolved from the C24, the new Voisin was brimming with revolutionary curiosities — a retracting sunroof, fold-down rear seats, a shortwave radio and even rudimentary turn signals.
Click here.

5Pointz, a Graffiti Mecca in Queens, Is Wiped Clean Overnight

"Usually, it is the street artists who work under the cover of darkness, hoping to evade police detection as they scrawl graffiti on property that is not their own. But before dawn on Tuesday, it was the owner of a building in Queens who used a crew of painters to work overnight and paint over graffiti on a warehouse in Long Island City, wiping clean a canvas that was used by thousands of artists over the years to transform an otherwise nondescript, abandoned brick building in a working-class neighborhood into 5Pointz, a mecca for street artists from around the world.
   By morning, the work of some 1,500 artists had been wiped clean, the Brobdingnagian bubble letters and the colorful cartoons spray painted on the building’s brick walls all covered in a fresh coat of white paint.…
Click here.
Photo by Suzanne DeChillo/The New York Times, story by March Santora and Cara Buckley

Crabs, Leaves and -- RAIN!

The crabs are hoppin,
Leaves are droppin,
and rain drops are starting to fall.
It looks like a monster crab season. Not only are there a lot of them, but they are both large and meaty. The sport fishermen have been hauling in limits (10 per person) for 2 weeks, and the commercial season started Friday…Leaves on trees finally dropping; we've got enough trees on our land that we have a local source for the compost pile. Nothing better than oak leaves in compost. Plus I've got a healthy population of hungry red worms transforming garbage into sweet-smelling black soil…And, after too much dry weather, we're finally getting R-A-I-N! "GENTLE ISENTROPIC LIFT SHOULD PROVIDE SLIGHTLY GREATER PRECIPITATION VALUES ALONG THE COASTAL HILLS WITH EXPECTED TOTAL PRECIPITATION ALONG THE NORTH BAY HILLS AND BIG SUR RECEIVING 1.5 TO 2.0 INCHES. THE SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA MAY SEE 0.25 TO 0.50 INCHES OF TOTAL PRECIPITATION…Yahoo!…The air smells sweet right now with the first drops, with the real action to start this afternoon…If I don't wimp out, I'm going to hike in the rain tonight along the coast…

Loop De Loop Mambo by The Robins on Grooveshark I have an affection for this song. The first time I went to LA, 18 years old,  in my roommate's Ford convertible, this was playing on the radio as we drove along the coast at Malibu at 5 AM. I've loved LA ever since.

Try a bigger breakfast

"When you eat a day’s worth of food really does make a difference, according to Daniela Jacubowicz, a professor at Tel Aviv University.  In a recent study, published in the journal Obesity, she randomized 93 overweight and obese women into 2 groups and followed them for 12 weeks.  Both groups ate 1400 calories a day, consuming a healthy variety of poultry, fish, egg whites, vegetables, fruits and whole grains.  The ‘breakfast group’ had 700 calories for breakfast, 500 for lunch and 200 for dinner.  A sweet treat was included as part of their breakfast, such as a small chocolate bar, to stave off cravings for the rest of the day. The ’dinner group’ had exactly the same foods in reverse order - 200 calories for breakfast, 500 for lunch and 700 for dinner.  I presume that their chocolate bar came with dinner.
   At the end of 12 weeks, the results were striking.  The ‘breakfast group’ lost an average of 19 pounds while the ‘dinner group’ lost 8.  Waist circumference decreased by 3 inches in the ‘breakfast group’ compared to 1.4  inches in the ‘dinner group.'"…
More here: http://sadjascolumns.blogspot.com/

Dolphin Ballet

Click here.

(The blogmeister here doesn't know where this is from. I can't find the photographer.

Photoshop work?)

The Stone Houses of Earl Young

Hello Lloyd,
…I was recently visiting my native northern Michigan, and came across this builder from the mid-twentieth century, Earl Young.  He built "mushroom" houses out of different kinds of local rocks.  Seemed right up your alley.
Wiki -http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earl_Young_(architect)
- Dawson (Moore)