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Simply Yoav --His Yurt and Life

"Hi Lloyd I saw this and thought of you, it's a great film about a simple life with ace music.

Film by Amit Schwachter
"Simply Yoav is a short documentary about a young man who lives a unique way of life.
Yoav lives in a structure called “yurt” and tries to maintain as naturalistic a life as possible.
 I followed Yoav for a few days around his home and tried to capture his 'life style' in a day.…"

Shellfish Quarantine in Tomales Bay NOW

CDPH Warns Consumers Not to Eat Sport-Harvested Bivalve Shellfish from Monterey Bay and Inner Tomales Bay  Date: 12/13/2013  Number: 13-058  Contact: Anita Gore, Heather Bourbeau (916) 440-7259  SACRAMENTO  The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) is advising consumers not to eat recreationally harvested mussels, clams or whole scallops from Monterey Bay or inner Tomales Bay in Marin County. The latter includes the area between Millerton Point and Cypress Point. Dangerous levels of paralytic shellfish poisoning (PSP) toxins have been detected in mussels from these regions. The naturally occurring PSP toxins can cause illness or death. Cooking does not destroy the toxin.

Red Shouldered Hawk Here This Morning

This young beauty was here this morning, terrorizing the chickens, but he can't get to them due to our completely aviary wire-protected yard.

Moral Power for Climate Action

"The climate crisis is not an environmental problem. It is a human problem. Humans have caused it and only humans can act to avert catastrophe. Yet many of us continue to live as if this crisis isn't happening. Even those who accept the science, and care a lot. The time has come to go beyond the science, to a place of heart. The time has come to tap our deepest sources of moral courage and commitment.


Mike W"

Another Beautiful Rowboat/Dinghy -- from Puerto Rico

"Good morning!
   Seeing the photo of the beautiful rowboat this morning made me think of one I saw yesterday evening at our local watering hole, what I thought of as a dinghy with sail-a-bility as well as a rowboat. In this case, it has a Seagull engine mounted on it.
   A friend sent this additional info: 'The sailing tender was built at the Harvey W. Smith Watercraft Center in Beaufort NC. Traditional wooden sailing and rowing vessels are made here by folks from around the world.'
   Looking forward to the new book!
  'Being good and kind, that will carry you through the world." ~ Alvin, gardener at Biras Creek

My blog here."
   -MJ (Island Woman)
(A great blog! - LK)

Calgary man living in tipi despite freezing temperatures

"Connor Ferster has been living in a teepee on the eastern outskirts of Calgary since Sept. 15. He made the choice to “have a better relationship with the natural world.”
Photograph: Gavin Young, Calgary Herald
Sent us by Anonymous


Big Sale of Our Books December-January

Shameless Commerce Department
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BTW, Tiny Homes has had a big surge in sales in November and the first part of December.

Terrifying Hike on Steep Mountain Cliffs in China

"Redditor AdventurousHuman posted the photo of hiking China's Mount Huashan. The trail is one of the most dangerous in the world.
The trails up Mount Hua Shan involve steep staircases, vertical ascents, and a plank trail consisting of wooden platforms bolted onto the mountainside.…"
Click here.
Sent by Jack Fulton

Housetruck in Hebrew

From Mike W. This is translated from the Hebrew. I've left the text unedited.
House on wheels, free from cables
"Almost 50 animator Joseph Tayyar tired from the bustle of the city and cables property. He bought a new truck and made it with his own hands, to satisfy all needs, (including electricity and water) - and even expands a bit when it's parked. Now he dreams of building a village on wheels, the people who choose to live differently…(the idea was born in his mind four years ago. Years spent planning and construction of the house, where did it all himself. '' True, I gave up on a lot of things - books, clothes and other unnecessary things we all hamsters at home. But I gained freedom. Real freedom. Freedom of movement, that allows me to live near the beach, in the desert, in a beautiful grove or even a city. Freedom from property tax, electricity companies, cable and water corporations''
Photos: Ilan Nachum