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"Hi Lloyd,
Seth here from Nelson Tiny Houses. I wanted to let you know we've started a building blog on our website. We are using it to keep people up to date on our builds, as well as share any information and tips we come across. If you have a chance, please share it with your audience. Thanks Lloyd,
Kind regards,
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Russian Survives Freezing Weather In Tent For One Month

"Kosta has left a new comment on your post 'http://lloydkahn-ongoing.blogspot.com/2013/12/calgary-man-living-in-tipi-despite.html —Calgary man living in tipi despite freezing temper...':

Loyd see as russian survived in tent from film in minus 28 degrees on celsius nearly month http://piterhunt.ru/scripts/forum/showthread.php?t=42267
And there is continuation beside this histories in that place..."

In Russian, but pics tell story.

Grandpa Launch

I just got this email from my friend John Hulls, whose dad recently passed away. Brought tears to my eyes.
"Hi, Lloyd,
One bit of sad news, Robin, who always enjoyed his visits to W. Marin, meeting you and reading your blog, passed away. He stayed alert till the end, and rather fancied what the children's author, Phillip Pullman (The Golden Compass) did for his dad, which was to scatter his ashes by means of 4 Guy Fawkes skyrockets. Robin told me not to try it because of the huge fines in Massachusetts for illegal fireworks. However, I discovered a loophole in the model rocket laws, (private property/calculated flight plan, and stay out of controlled air space) and we scattered his ashes over his favorite sailing spot. The grandkids all got together to help build the rocket, which I modified, and you can see the results in this video. He would have been delighted to be on YouTube, too.
 - John"

Nature By Numbers

From Lew Lewandowski
(I turned off the repetitive music.)

Rocking Chair Built from Stump Of Rotted-out Cherry Tree With Hand Tools Only

From Godfrey Stevens/Steve Rankin

Tiny Apartments in Cities: Trending Concept

This is really a good video on the subject.

From Stewart Brand 

Two Videos From Deek Diedrickson

"…You see this tiny lil' place yet? I interviewed the guy for my book. So simple, and with a great locale....
   AND....a tree house I just built for a client near Boston....


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Two Great Music Documentaries

My favorite all-time music documentary is The Last Waltz, Martin Scorsese's film about The Band's last concert in San Francisco.
   Just last week I saw two very different music documentaries that I'd rate right up there along with The Last Waltz:
1. The Inside Llewyn Davis Concert Film, which took place in New York this September, songs from the movie, which is just about to open, curated by T-bone Burnett. All acoustic, an incredible and wonderful concert. Look at the lineup. It was on Showtime.
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2. Blues And The Alligator: The First Twenty Years Of Alligator Records (2011) I found this in Amazon Prime by typing in “music documentaries” in the search window. (I find a lot better music of this nature in Amazon Prime than in Netflix.) The trouble with most music documentaries is that they're heavy on the talk and light on the music. Not so here. So good. Koko Taylor, Lonnie Brooks, Hound Dog Taylor,  archival footage of Sonny boy Williamson, a charming bunch of 10-year-old kids singing the blues in a classroom…“Blues is a healing music!”, (Blues Iglauer) explains, “and as long as there’s a need to be healed, the Blues will live on.” PLUS, the photography is brilliant. Hail to Jim Downing, the creator! I just ordered the DVD.
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Old World Woodworking Tools

"Eric Hollenbeck is a master woodworker who owns and operates the Blue Ox Millworks in Eureka, CA. The Ox is a lovely short film about Hollenbeck directed by Ben Proudfoot…"
Sent by Kevin Kelly.
Also see: http://www.blueoxmill.com/ 
"Eric Hollenbeck, his family and staff welcome you to the Blue Ox Millworks, where the craftsmanship tools and techniques of the last century are utilized to produce authentic custom millwork for private homes and commercial buildings throughout the United States.  …"

11 Tiny Homes you can rent for a holiday getaway

Not all tiny homes are built from the ground up; the unique Wheel House near Kerikeri, New Zealand is actually an 85-square-foot cabin salvaged from a historic steamboat called the Minerva, and remodelled into a welcoming space with a double bed, fridge, plus other amenities that are just a short stroll away through the garden.… "
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The Longest Beard: Walking Across China

"In 2007 Christoph Rehage, a German native studying in China, came up with the grand scheme of walking back home from Beijing to Bad Nenndorf (Germany). He calls it ‘The Longest Way’.
   Christoph embarks on this mission taking a picture every day while growing a beard. And it results in a mighty kickass beard.
Although he only made it one-third of the way from Beijing to Urumqi, he went back home to get his degree, he did accomplish something extraordinary…"
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From E. L. Walker