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Amazon Drones, Late Christmas Deliveries

What a dumb idea. A helicopter delivering your book or electronic gizmo or toaster within hours of your order? Come on. Who needs to get things that fast? What about the danger from the whirling helicopter blades, the resources used in making and operating these drones? Does the over-consuming American consumer need this kind of coddling? Bezos is a brilliant guy, true that, but this is a turkey of an idea. And 60 Minutes going along with what turned out to be an infomercial for Amazon. Where's Mike Wallace?
   In the same vein, there were stories all over the news a few days ago about—horrors—UPS and FedEx making deliveries a day or so later than expected. Our FedEx guy apologized yesterday, and Jeff, our hard-working UPS driver, was working on Christmas Eve. I apologized to them for having to work so hard. All I have to say is, so fucking what if you get your package a day or so later? Let's get some perspective here.

The Bourne Legacy

The opening shot is spectacular, especially when the helicopter swoops back and gives you the perspective of the wild canyon with rushing waterfall (and what looks to be a cave in the side of the rocky cliff). The photography, especially in the first half or so of the movie, is brilliant. I don't think it got great reviews, but the photography itself makes it worthwhile. It's sad to me that so many talented photographers are neglected in reviews of movies. Not only are the shots here great, but the angles, the lighting, and the juxtaposition of wilderness and urban scenes, back-and-forth, great pacing, visually stunning. Cinematography by Robert Elswit, film editing by John Gilroy.

Auchumpkee Creek Covered Bridge

Click here.
From Brad Lemley

20 of the best wooden spoons in the world

"Hi Lloyd,
Just wanted to wish you the best for 2014…
I can imagine you would be into wooden spoons, I just shared 20 of the best, it was a hard choice to get down to 20 but these are the ones that get most used in my home

best wishes Robin (Wood)"
December 27, 2013

Friday Fish Fry

The Sky Ain't Cryin Big news around here is no rain, and none in sight. Dry dry dry.
The ground is cryin.
Mushrooms are hidin.
Creeks are dribblin.
Hills, usually verdant this time of year, are brownish green, oh my.
People I pass on my walks say, beautiful day, I grit my teeth and agree.
A beautiful day right now would be torrents of rain.

Foraged Firewood I rented a log splitter and Marco I split enough wood for two years in about 5 hours. Usually I pick up oak from the side of the road, but this year there was a ton of cypress and eucalyptus lying around, cut to firewood-sized logs, needing only splitting. Very few people around here get their own firewood these days; probably half the houses in these two small seaside towns are second units for city people who come infrequently. The do-it-yourself era around here ended years ago.

Killer Kayak The Hammer, made by P&H in the UK, is a new and uniquely designed ocean kayak. Check it out in the surf:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBNIKJEOBew
Note: you've got to put in a fair amount of time in order to maneuver around like this. If you live in the San Francisco area, check out the California Canoe and Kayak Co. in Jack London Square in Oakland. They must have over 100 boats in stock. If you're serious about buying a kayak and put down a $300 deposit, they will let you try out any number of kayaks over a three month period, keeping them for several days until you find the one that suits your needs.

Kindhearted Woman Blues - Robert Johnson
Kindhearted Woman Blues by Robert Johnson on Grooveshark

Covered Bridges of New England - Bridgewright Graton

From Brad Lemley

Waldorf School Portland, Oregon, Looking For Building Teacher

Hi Shelterpub People,
...My parents are wonderful craftspeople who raised me on a rural commune, partly in Berkeley, partly in Bolinas and mostly in Oregon. We had a couple of houses hand-made of recycled materials, and they were efficient and beautiful and made by real people. I feel so lucky to have grown up amid such profoundly human structures.
   Now, I teach 3rd grade in an urban Waldorf school. My class is almost all boys. They're strong and creative and awesome, and are going to LOVE Lloyd's book when we do our shelter-building block next Spring. We'll study shelters around the world, and of course, do some actual building. I plan to purchase as little as possible.
   ...Can you connect me with any resources, especially experienced men (role models for these boys....) in the Portland area who may be willing to donate some time to helping us with a building project?
   Thanks for your great work, and your help,
   Virginia Berg
   Gr. 3 teacher Portland Waldorf School

"Now This Is Natural Food" by Mark Bitman, NY Times

"A few weeks ago at the annual Prairie Festival in Salina, Kan. — a celebration, essentially, of true sustainability — I sat down with Wes Jackson to drink rich beer and eat delicious, chewy bread made from the perennial grain Kernza. The Kernza we ate was cultivated at the Land Institute, the festival’s sponsor and the organization Jackson founded here 37 years ago.
   At 77, Jackson is a big man with big ideas. Clearly he was back then as well, when he became determined to change the face of agriculture from being dependent upon annual monoculture (that is, planting a new crop of a single plant each year) to one that includes perennial polyculture, with fields containing varieties of mutually complementary species, planted once, harvested seasonally but remaining in place for years.…

Nina ATTAL & Philippe DEVIN feat. Benjamin SIKSOU - "FREEDOM - Django unchained" Home Session

From Mike W

David Shipway's Indian Clubs

"Lloyd, I was trying to figure out what to make my son for Christmas, and saw your post on Indian Clubs. Off I went on Google....and what a discovery! If Amazon's sold out, then I'm gonna make some! I got digging in the lumber pile this morning and found some dry Douglas Fir 4x4, and had this pair of 2 pounders buffed up by mid-afternoon. The big challenge in turning these is to make the second one exactly like the first.
   I've been doing a bit of boogie with them to the shop radio , make sure there's swinging room for sure, and I feel ENERGIZED! Maybe I should read the operator's manual?
   Behind the clubs on Santa's workbench you can see a new pair of Xantho-cypress salad forks, some 90" Sitka spoon oars ready for collars, and a couple of experimental Yuloh pivots for the catboat, one Locust and one Rock Maple dipped in cuprinol. Godfrey will know what that's all about.

~david shipway
   sutil point (Cortes Island, BC)"
(David is one of the featured builders in Builders Of the Pacific Coast.)

Water, Sand, Light

Armagiddion War by Culture

Armagiddion War (John Peel Sessions) by Culture on Grooveshark
Check out the bass line.

James Kelly in Gnarly Downhill Skateboard Ride

"'James Kelly-Unbound..
After a successful, but challenging year on the downhill circuit, James Kelly comes home to ride some of his favorite hills. What's captured here is James completely unbound; a freeride session as good anything we’ve seen in years. A day away from the pressures of racing, a day to remember why he started skating, a day to let loose and just ride fast…'"


-Mike W"

Night Shot, Stinson Beach

It was actually quite dark. This is the work of a Sony Cybershot DSC RX100, Zeiss lens, "Handheld Twilight" setting.

Fare Thee Well, My Honey, Fare Thee Well

"'Inside Llewyn Davis': Oscar Isaac, Marcus Mumford, and the Punch Brothers perform a song from the film"

Colored Ice Igloo

"Now there's a different type of tiny house!

Love your blog!!!


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