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This has been on my wall for years. I forget where I got it, but thought I would share it. I can't get much info on Ferman Rodriguez, but believe he a Mexican artist residing in or near San Miguel de Allende.


New York Times Articles on New iPhones, iPads

Today's edition (10 Sept. 2015)  has two full pages in the business section on the new IPads, iPhones and other things Apple. For one thing there is a list of what sound like killer apps for iPhone panoramas. Tech columnist Farhad Manjoo says that the iPhone is “… directly a product of the savvy way Apple has designed and marketed the device to produce global lust.”

What’s wrong with shipping container housing? Everything.

Shipping containers (and this is merely my opinion), along with A-Frames, Earthships, underground housing, and narrow tiny homes with sleeping lofts reached by vertical ladder -- make for lousy housing. Here's the case against the former, demonstrable evidence that many (maybe most) architects have their heads up their asses:

"…It’s not hard to see the appeal. Shipping containers look exactly like building blocks, which is the primary medium (other than dirt) that most architects started working with. You can buy used ones for about $1,600 a pop, which seems like a steal for housing. Doing that also feels very environmentally conscious, because you’re taking something that already exists and reusing it for a different purpose. For these reasons, architects in particular are drawn to the idea of using shipping containers as housing for poor people — as is the case with this plan for a skyscraper made of them, which just won a design competition for low-income housing in Mumbai.

There’s just one problem: Shipping containers turn out to be a uniquely poor building block for human shelter. Mark Hogan, a San Francisco architect who has worked with shipping containers in the past, just wrote a succinct manifesto about why you should really, really not use shipping containers for housing.

For one thing: A building made of corrugated steel is going to be a miserable residence, especially in a place as hot as Mumbai. You could add insulation and a ventilation system — but that would make a box that already has awkwardly low ceilings even smaller. You could add windows — but that would require cutting through steel walls, which takes specialized equipment, and a contractor who knows how to use that equipment.…"
Sent in by John Michael Linck

Green Snake and Neon Tetra Fish at California Academy of Sciences (San Francisco) Last Week

Snark snark: this place is vastly overpriced ($35 general entrance fee for one day), not very well designed, and compliments the weirdness and architectural absurdity of the De Young Museum across the way from it. Sorry, it just pisses me off. The old academy and museum were just fine and in harmony with the bandstand with its pollarded trees outside.

Less Blog Posts These Days

To tell the truth, it's a great relief, not feeling the pressure of getting out a post every day. Almost 5,000 of 'em -- time for a change

My main focus these days is on the new book, SMALL HOMES; I've got over 50 pages roughly laid out, am in daily contact with a slew of contributors. I figure making books is how I can reach the most people, the best use of my time right now.

We're plotting a new online strategy. Right now, I'm thinking of doingTwitter and Instagram, with occasional blog posts. Right now there are 5 steps to getting a photo out there:
1. Shoot photo.
2. Load into MacAir.
3. Fiddle a bit with it in Photoshop.
4. Find Wi-Fi (or be in office)
5. Post it

My intention is to shoot photos with an iPhone 6, post on Instagram right then. If this works out, I'll be able to communicate way quicker. Right now, am waiting to see what Apple's got coming with the iPhone 7, maybe the 6's will be cheaper.

Found a nearly deserted beach yesterday, clothes off, warm sand, swimming, the only time I've experienced NorCal water so warm was the last El Niño, so unusual to be in this ocean and feel comfortable. Gathered a big bag full of purple/green seaweed for the garden. Like my neighbor, surfer/fisherman Andrew said the other day (down at the beach), "We're so lucky."

"Sweet Home Chicago," Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton, Johnny Winters, Robert Cray...