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Model of Tiny Home

We'll be selling our books at The Maker Faire in San Mateo, Calif., in May, and we decided to build a model tiny home for display. Our friend Tom agreed to make the model. It turned out that he got into it and spent over a month (not full time) on the project. He said he could have built the full size building in the same amount of time. It's put together with glue. Window shutters and doors open on hinges.

The full size building is 10' x 16', scale here is 1 inch = 1 foot, so this is 10" wide, 16" long.  Single wall construction (no studs).

Materials for model:
Siding: cedar; bats: oak
Shakes: cedar
Ridge beams: redwood
Shutters: cedar
Door: walnut
Door and window trim: oak

It's a little beauty.

Goats, Sheep, and Grazing Animals Celebration This Weekend

The Goateam Gathering is a collective art show celebrating 'Goats, Grass, Grazing and All Things Good Upon the Land'. Mixed mediums from installation, weaving, fiber arts, photography, paint & food. The Goateam Gathering is also an education and awareness show about how grazing animals can be a land stewardship solution supporting healthy soils, water, good food, fiber and the pursuit of happiness. Artists are from around the Bay Area and the Pacific North West.

This Saturday at the Farm Stand, (on the way in to) Bolinas, 4-9 PM

My Photo Exhibit of Driftwood Architecture Opening This Weekend

I'm doing my first ever photo exhibit, opening this Saturday at the Bolinas Museum. It's part of a 2-month-long exhibit on the subject of makeshift architecture, and features artists Jay Nelson, Whiting Tennis, and Eirik Johnson, along with my photos of driftwood beach shacks along the northern California coast.

Rick Gordon has processed and printed 24 14 by 18" prints and printed them here on our new Epson Stylus Pro 4900 ink jet printer. They look pretty darn good! The ingenuity of anonymous beachcomber artists.
The opening is this Saturday, April 2nd. At 2PM, I'll talk a bit about my background and our 46 years of publishing books on building and fitness; at 3PM, there's a reception.

Bolinas Museum
48 Wharf Road
Bolinas, California  94924


Brazilian Seahorse in Aqarium Store

This is just one of the many sea creatures at this remarkable store: the 6th Avenue Aquarium and Flowers place at 429 Clement in San Francisco. There must be 50-60 tanks of exotic sea creatures, all clean and beautifully tended.

The 3 or so blocks centering on 5th Ave. and Clement is a great neighborhood, with 3-4 dim sum places, Chinese herbs, all kinds of ethnic restaurants. The Cafe Bunn is a great Vietnamese restaurant, with Vietnamese sandwiches along with typical Vietnamese dishes, good, inexpensive.