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The Royal Mile Market, set up in a 17th century church in Edinburgh. Mainstream touristy.

Housing development with "commons" of sorts out front. Kind of like architect Peter Calthorpe's idea of clustering housing, with lots of open space.

Notes From Edinburgh

We got back yesterday from a week on the (small) Isle of Eigg. So much has happened that I've had little time to write and/or post photos about it. Tomorrow night (Tuesday, May 10), I'm doing a presentation at Kircaldy Galleries, titled "50 Years of Natural Building," chronicling our building books from Shelter in 1973 up to the present. It's been sold out for a few weeks.

I had a trial run Wednesday night in the community center on Eigg, about 30 people (half the population of the island). A ton of kindred spirits on the island.

I ended up shooting photos of the (very different) homes of 2 builders: Damien Helliwell and Karl Harding, which will go into the Small Homes book.

Eigg is one of a group of 4 islands referred to as The Small Isles, in the Inner Hebrides. It's off the west coast of Scotland, reachable by a ferry from the fishing port of Mallaig.

We could live here, and I can't say that for many places in the world.

So much to tell, so little time. Some photos

Stove in Karl's round house

Shepherd's bothy (hut)
Note:I'm not going to be so specific about where things are out here. I've seen too many small towns wrecked (or forever changed) by getting too much attention.

Leo the Surfer Meets Fred the Barber, Who Loves Tiny Homes

"Hello Lloyd,
    A few weeks ago I got a new barber in Huntington Beach at the Surf City Barber Shop.  My old barber retired.   As I was sitting in the chair I noticed on the table Tiny Homes, I asked Fred the Barber about it and he said he loved the book and it was almost worn out because it was the most popular thing to read in the shop.  Some day Fred says he wants to get some land and build a tiny home.  Tonight I am off to Costa Rica for 6 weeks, warm water surfing.
   Thanks for the good hair cut Fred.

Leo (Hetzl)"