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Somebody Stole My Gal, Jim Kweskin Jug Band, early '60s

I'm over the worst of the pain, recovering from a very robust shoulder operation, listening to my first music in a week. I've been putting this operation  off for months, so good to be on the uphill side of it. There's light at the end of this long tunnel.

Going through my old B&W photos, still trying to determine if I have a cohesive book on the '60s to write. It's going to take me a week to get through the notes from my 1-month trip.              

Something Happened Here, But You Still Don't Know What It Is, Do You Mr Jones?

I hitchhiked across the USA in Fall, 1965, to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I was an insurance broker in San Francisco, and the '60s were exploding around me. I had smoked pot -- at age 28. (Think about it -- 28 years before encountering alternate universes.)

 On my way back to NYC from visiting my cousin Mike in Provincetown, I got picked up by some students from The Rhode Island School of Design. They said I could crash at their loft in Providence, Rhode Island, and they were going to a Bob Dylan concert that night, did I want to go?

$3.50 to get in and I told the cops I was a newspaper reporter, and I got to roam in front of the stage. 

Black and white Tri-X film on a Nikon. I didn't know much about Dylan. I was a Beatles and Stones fan. The first half was solo acoustic folk music. The second half was rock and roll! A lot of folkie fans walked out at intermission, but I had stumbled into the early part of Dylan's 2 years of brilliance.

I looked at the photos 40 years later. Jeez, that's Robbie Robertson! I ain't gonna work on Maggie's farm no more…

What is this? Holy shit!

 I've just been looking at these photos, after they've been 42 years in the archives.

I came back to San Francisco and quit my job and went to work as a carpenter -- 1965.

All this to preface:

1. I'm recuperating from almost a month on the road.

2. I'm working on a book of the '60s, from my own point of view. I'm a native San Franciscan, went to high school in Haight Ashbury district, was 10 years older than the movers and shakers of the cultural revolution. I had a quite different experience in the '60s than I see talked about in the media regarding the -- ugh -- Summer of Love. I'm still in the stages of seeing if the book is going to work. 

3. Getting shoulder operated on tomorrow. Long recovery period.

A new octave coming up.

See ya when I can see see ya…

The brilliance of #chickens. Amongst other skills, they eat every grain of leftover rice, every apple peel, every bit of spoiled cheese -- and volia -- they it all turn into eggs (and meat).